Thursday, 29 November 2012

Some Popular Ideas For Explaining Ufo
To account for unsolved UFO cases, a number of explanations have been proposed by both proponents and skeptics.Among proponents, some of the more common explanations for UFOs are: * The Extraterrestrial Visitation Hypothesis (ETH) (most popular) * The Interdimensional Hypothesis * The Paranormal/Occult Hypothesis * The hypothesis that they are time machines or vehicles built in a future time.Similarly, skeptics usually propose one of the following explanations: * The Psychological-Social Hypothesis * The man-made craft hypothesis * The unknown natural phenomena hypothesis, e.g. ball lightning, sprites* Peter F Coleman advanced a meteorological theory that many so-called UFOs or unexplained lights seen now and in the past are actually instances of visible combustion of a fuel (e.g. natural gas) inside an atmospheric vortex. He has argued his case in his book, Great Balls of Fire-a unified theory. [53] This vortex fireball theory was first published in Weather[54] and later in the Journal of Scientific Exploration [55] * Earthquake lights/Tectonic Strain hypothesisThere are myriad explanations being put forward all the time: * One explanation is that (some) UFOs are misidentified "shiny-bodied insects"[56] * Another is the Extraterrestrial energyzoa theory * That they are caused by "floaters", a medical condition affecting the eyes, which are considered "normal".Usually a combination of explanations is cited to explain all cases, and even proponents will sometimes invoke skeptical explanations, such as man-made military aircraft, to attempt to account for some unsolved cases.



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