Saturday, 17 November 2012

Ufo Sighting In Yosemite Park Near Area 51
I went on a journey to Yosemite Resolved in 2002. Yosemite Resolved is very in the vicinity of to the entice amid California and Nevada, and in the vicinity of to Lay 51. In the sundown, on my way out of the endure, I was gray down a roundabout road, while I saw a baby cartridge of light high up in the sky, like a extensive resemblance of light around it, and a yearn twirled touch behind schedule it. I video taped it for a few seconds, and next I grapped my camera to stop confident photos as well, in case the video camera didn't get hold of it well sufficient. Deplorably it was too cloudy for the photo camera, so the pictures didn't advance out. All I acknowledge is the video I took through and after I took the photos.

The cartridge of light like the ostentatious resemblance encouraged on both sides of the sky, desertion a touch. Once about 2 account the cartridge of light disappeared, and lonesome the touch remained. The touch was illuminated and at rest firmly visible the same while the around sky was beforehand recipe black.

A few account with certain Air Strength jets appeared and circled in the sky anywhere the light had disappeared.irregular x-files, UFO, Ancient Mysteries, Bigfoot Genius, Cryptozoology - Outlandish Creatures, Strange creatures, The Science of Myth, Sincere Documentary, Unknown Detect, Freaky life form, Crude footage, paranormal...


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